Kobido facial massage Warsaw

Kobido – Facial Rejuvenation Massage Warsaw

The Kobido massage is a Japanese massage technique that is often called a natural form of face lift. “Ko” means “ancient”, bi “beauty”, do “road” – “an ancient road to beauty”. 

At first this form of massage was reserved only for the Japanese royal family and for geishas. Over time, it started being used by the most affluent citizens, until finally it became a publicly available form of body rejuvenation.

The Kobido massage works on the deep skin structures, which allows it to improve the appearance of face in a safe and non-invasive way, but also to deeply relax.

The effects of the action of the rejuvenating Kobido facial massage are already visible after the first treatment. The subsequent sessions enhance and reinforce the beneficial influence of this massage technique on skin.

It’s a natural alternative to many treatments in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Kobido allows to achieve spectacular results without interfering with the structure of epidermis or damaging it.

The Kobido massage is getting chosen more and more often by people who wish to stop the aging processes in a natural, healthy way.

Kobido massage – the stages

The Kobido massage consists of several stages. First the massage therapist makes slow motions that are intended to relax and soothe. Then a slightly more intense phase begins – the stage of lymphatic drainage that drains the retained lymph.

During the next stage the movements become faster, more decided and deeper. This phase of the Kobido massage is intended to stimulate the skin and production of ingredients essential for achieving the lift effect. Strong pressure stimulates production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which improves its tone, tightness and firmness.

The last stage is facial reflexology, during which special spots on the face are stimulated that are responsible for the energy of Qi, circulation and muscle tension. By stimulating specific spots on the face, the massage therapist is able to stimulate the digestive and nervous systems, as well as many organs in order to even out the energetic balance between them.

Advantages of Kobido massage:

  • halts the aging processes
  • improves circulation and cellular metabolism, which makes the skin perfectly nourished and oxygenated. The face looks younger, regains its glow and tightness.
  • deeply relaxes and loosens
  • makes wrinkles and laugh lines less deep

Indications for the use of Kobido massage:

  • saggy skin that needs to get firmer, nourished and lifted
  • muscle tensions around head, neck and cervical spine
  • stress reduction – the Kobido massage is great for relaxing and helps get rid of the effects of stress

Contraindications for the use of Kobido massage:

  • skin inflammations
  • unhealed wounds
  • unstable hypertension/high tension
  • recent dental treatments and aesthetic medicine treatments, i.e. a Botox injection requires waiting for at least 2 weeks
  • third trimester pregnancy
  • rosacea
  • cancer – a doctor’s permission is needed

Kobido massage Warsaw – a recommended number of treatments

The rejuvenating Kobido facial massage allows to achieve multiple benefits for health, skin appearance and overall well-being. As soon as after the first treatment, we can notice a significant difference in form of firmer skin, shallower wrinkles or lifted cheeks. For the effects of a Kobido massage to be maintained for longer – we should make sure to get it done regularly and trust ourselves in the hands of an experienced massage therapist.

The recommended number of treatments is 12 Kobido massage sessions – although this number is determined individually depending on the skin’s condition and needs. Our professional therapists for Kobido massage in Warsaw will easily evaluate the condition of the skin on your face and help you determine the most optimal and effective path along the Kobido road.

Professional Kobido massage in Warsaw

We invite you to make use of the benefits of the Kobido massage at our salon in Warsaw. The only guarantee of success and achieving the expected effects of a Kobido massage in form of a lifting effect without using a scalpel are fast, precise movements of experienced massage therapists for whom Kobido has no secrets.

The Tajski Raj Thai and Balinese massage salon in Warsaw is a perfect place for your first encounter with the rejuvenating Kobido facial massage. Our Balinese massage therapists with many years of experience will make sure to achieve the best results right after the first visit. A Kobido massage session in a massage room filled with oriental aromas, relaxing music and pleasant atmosphere will be an incredible experience!

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