Aromatic Candle Massage Warsaw

Aromatic Candle Massage Warsaw

This type of massage utilizes warm but not hot liquid wax that (similarly to the oils used in oil massage) leaves a delicate, silky layer on the body. This aromatic, natural wax not only caresses our senses but also our skin, which after the treatment becomes velvety to the touch, perfectly moisturized and nourished. The essential oils present in the wax have an antioxidant action, slowing down the aging process of the skin.

The aromatic candle massage constitutes the quintessence of gentleness. It is perfect for tense, stressed individuals who need to calm down, and at the same time wish to take care of the condition of their skin.

Advantages of aromatic candle massage:

  • removes fatigue and stress from the body
  • takes care of the skin, deeply nourishing and moisturizing it
  • supports the battle against cellulite and prevents aging
  • improves well-being and helps regain vitality
  • helps relax tense muscles

The aromatic candle massage is a relaxation for the body and the soul.

Indications for the use of candle massage:

  • cellulite and stretch marks
  • dry, dehydrated skin
  • during periods of physical and mental fatigue
  • when in bad mood
  • in cases of chronic stress

Contraindications for the use of candle massage:

  • menstruation
  • hypertension
  • temperature
  • strong hyperthyroidism
  • kidney diseases and cancer
  • allergy to the ingredients of candles used during the massage
  • the massage is not recommended for pregnant women
  • body hair removal within the last 48 hours

What is a massage using an aromatic candle like?

It’s a relaxing massage during which we utilize melted wax from a special candle. A few minutes before the massage session beings, the therapist melts the candle selected by the customer under high temperature until it reaches an oil-like consistency.

The massage therapist gently applies the wax to the skin and massages it in using adequate techniques. During such session, one can truly relax and “drift away” in their thoughts and spirits to a paradise land.

Professional aromatic candle massage in Warsaw

Give yourself a little bit of luxury and a few moments of relax at our SPA salon. The sense-soothing, deeply relaxing aromatic candle massage is a perfect treatment for everyone who feels overwhelmed with their everyday life and needs to escape to the land of magic and harmony at least for a moment. Your body and mind will be grateful even for just one aromatic candle massage session, and with regular treatments at our salon you will significantly increase the level of your vital energy.

You deserve the best!

Tajski Raj offers an aromatic candle massage in a perfect location – Wola, Warsaw. The intimate Thai and Balinese massage salon guarantees a pleasant atmosphere, oriental sensations, relaxing treatments performed by experienced massage therapists from Bali.

We only use natural candles intended for massage – we guarantee 100% safety! The customer can choose a candle fragrance out of the available options. Each of them soothes senses and wraps in a pleasant aroma, which makes the massage a unique experience.

Book a convenient aromatic candle massage appointment in Warsaw at our Thai massage salon today!