Herbal Stamp Massage

Herbal Stamp Massage Warsaw

The herbal stamp massage is a combination of thermal therapy, acupressure and aroma therapy.
During the session, the massage therapist runs the so-called stamps, or hot cotton pouches filled with herbs, along the body’s energy lines.

First the stamps get soaked in a special, fragrant hot oil that deeply relaxes, and on top of that moisturizes and lubricates the skin, improves its appearance and alleviates pain.

The warmth coming from the stamps expands sebaceous glands and blood vessels, which allows the nourishing and medicinal substances that come from a specifically selected blend of herbs to get absorbed by the skin faster and better.

Advantages of herbal stamp massage:

  • alleviates pain and prevents inflammations
  • supports natural recovery mechanisms
  • improves the nourishment and appearance of skin
  • strengthens the immune system
  • helps remove toxins from the body
  • relaxes muscles and joints
  • reduces the effects of stress

Indications for the use of herbal stamp massage:

  • physical and mental fatigue
  • excessive stress
  • depression and anxiety
  • dry, neglected skin
  • overloaded, tense, sore muscles and joints
  • obesity
  • cellulite
  • weakened body, lowered immunity

Contraindications for the use of herbal stamp massage:

  • allergy to ingredients of the herbal stamps
  • pregnancy
  • menstruation
  • asthma, cough
  • silicone prostheses
  • fractures and sprains
  • body inflammations
  • increased body temperature
  • vascular skin, burst capillaries
  • problems with blood clotting and circulation
  • skin diseases and damages

What is the herbal stamp massage like?

The first step is to prepare the cotton pouch filled with the right blend of herbs. The stamp’s composition is selected depending on the effect we wish to achieve. In a massage utilizing herbal stamps it is common to use such ingredients as lemongrass, medical ginger, tamarind leaves, galangal, turmeric or eucalyptus leaves.

Then the stamps are heated up using oil, in order to better release aromas and healing properties of herbs. The first moves during the massage are fast, because the pouches are pretty hot and the body isn’t accustomed yet. Gradually, the skin gets used to the stamp’s temperature, which will obviously go down, thus allowing for longer massaging. Cold stamps are replaced with new ones with adequate temperature. During the treatment, the therapist performs moves that are borrowed from the classic variant of Thai massage.

Thanks to hair follicles, sebaceous glands and blood vessels the skin easily absorbs the herbal vitamins and mineral ingredients.

After the massage, it is better to wait a while before showering, in order to give the skin time to absorb even more substances released from herbs during the treatment.

Professional herbal stamp massage in Warsaw

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Our experienced massage therapists from Bali specialize in therapeutic and relaxing massages that could be called an oriental ritual. The combination of the right touch technique, herbal stamps, pleasant fragrance, peaceful music and surroundings full of green makes a perfect recipe for relaxation after a hard day. Give yourself a few moments of relax – take good care of your mind and body in the best possible way.

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